Schools, Nurseries & Dance Companies

Based in the county of Gloucestershire Freedom Photography provides professional photographic services to schools, nurseries and dance companies.

School Photography Gloucestershire
School Photography Gloucestershire
School Photography in Gloucestershire

What We Do

We are a local independent photography business, specialising in school photography.

We love fun and laughter, we know that helps the children relax and smile naturally. We are kind and patient, we love to help the children feel confident in front of the camera. Not everyone finds it easy, we understand that and take time and care to help every child. 

We carry out the whole process ourselves from start to finish. This makes life very busy which is how we like it. It allows us to be flexible, competitive and deliver a great service.

School Photography Gloucestershire
School Photography Gloucestershire


Freedom Photography was established in 2004 when our own children were small. With years of experience our business continues to thrive.

We wanted a business we could build around our families. As our children grew so did the business.

We work with many primary schools, nurseries and dance companies around the county. We pride ourselves on our personal service, we do everything in house, love what we do and have great fun!

Tracy & Julia