Class Photos

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Photos – all supplied in a high quality, black cardboard mount

Frames – custom made with 15mm white wood, glass front

Upton St Leonards School Prom

Individual / Siblings Printed Photography

Additional prints can be added to the pack once a selection has been made.


Pack 1 – 1 x Medium 2 x Small

Pack 2 – 1 x Large 2 x Medium 2 x Small

Pack 3 – 1 x Large

Pack 4 – 1 x Medium

Additional Prints Are available to add to your order.

Sizes available:

Large Print

Medium Print

Small Print

Wallets on A4 Sheet 

Digital Images

Digital Images are available for individual and siblings photos. A high-resolution image emailed to you (we are unable to sell class photos as digital images)

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